Welcome to AllSafe IT

The AllSafe IT Team is excited to have you on board! This guide will show you all you need to know about how to work with us, including:

  • How to request support
  • How to use the AllSafe App
  • What to do if you need after hours emergency support

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  • How to Request Support
  • Login to the AllSafe App
  • Open a Ticket  via the AllSafe App
  • Open a Ticket via Email
  • Open a Ticket via Phone
  • Check Ticket Status in the AllSafe App
  • After Hours Emergency Support
  • Printable Quick Start Guide

How to Request Support

You can request support three ways:

  1. Use the AllSafe App (recommended)
  2. Email helpdesk@allsafeit.com
  3. Call (888) 400-2748

Log In to the AllSafe App

All computers onboarded by AllSafe IT will have the AllSafe App installed. Look for a shortcut on your desktop or find it in Search.

  1. Open the AllSafe App on your computer.
  2. If you don’t have the AllSafe App installed, use your browser to go to https://app.allsafeit.com
  3. You will have two options to log in:
  • Using your Microsoft account
  1. Enter your work email address
  2. Enter the password you use to login to Microsoft
  3. If your organization uses MFA, authenticate as usual
  • Entering your email address for a token
  1. Enter your work email address
  2. Click Get Log In Token
  3. Check your email for your 6-character login token
  4. Enter the token and click Log In

You will only have to do this once. After you have logged into the AllSafe App on your computer, you will not have to login again.

Open a Ticket via the AllSafe App

The AllSafe App is the easiest and quickest way to submit a ticket request. Make sure you’re logged in to the AllSafe App and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Open a Ticket
  2. Select a support category
  3. Select a request type
  1. Complete the form as accurately and thoroughly as possible
  2. Click Submit
  3. You will have the option to select a date and time to schedule a remote session

Open a Ticket via Email

Email your support request to helpdesk@allsafeit.com.

The subject line of your email will be the ticket summary. Please try to make it as descriptive but concise as possible (e.g., “Outlook is not responding” and not “Help!”).

Open a Ticket via Phone

AllSafe IT service number is (888) 400-2748.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when you call:

  • A detailed description of the issue
  • Any troubleshooting steps you have already attempted
  • How many people in your organization are experiencing the issue
  • The asset tag # of the affected system(s)

For all non-emergency issues, we ask that you use the AllSafe App or email to create a ticket. The service number should be prioritized for urgent and emergency tickets.

Check Ticket Status in the AllSafe App

Once you’ve opened a ticket, you can use the AllSafe App to check the status or add an update. Make sure you’re logged in to the AllSafe App and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Ticket Updates
  2. Click on any ticket to view more details
  1. On the Discussion tab, you will be able to view notes and communications from the assigned technician. You can also enter additional details or send a message to the technician.
  2. The Timeline tab will show a history of all updates to the ticket.
  3. The Details tab will show the ticket’s Contact, History, Classification and Team information.

After Hours Emergency Support

IT problems can happen when you least expect them, so we offer after hours emergency IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Managed Services clients.

We value your business and every ticket is important to us. However, some tickets are considered a "Priority 1 Emergency" based on the following:

  • A large group of users or a whole department or the entire company is affected AND
  • Major business processes are stopped.

If your request qualifies for after hours support based on the above criteria, follow these steps:

  1. Call our Support hotline at (888) 400-2748
  2. Notify the dispatcher that your request is urgent and you require emergency support
  3. A technician will create a ticket and immediately work towards a resolution of your issue
  4. A senior technician will always be on call in case the issue requires escalation.

Do NOT send after hours emergency requests via the AllSafe App or via email. These requests are processed differently and are resolved during our regular business hours.

Printable  Guides

CLICK HERE for a PDF guide you can download and print out for easy reference.

CLICK HERE to download our Client Manual for in-depth instructions.

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