Giving you the perfect experience through personalized IT support

Hundreds of companies often share how our responsiveness and personalized approach have made them feel valued and supported, a testament to our commitment to creating perfect client experiences.

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uptime for all network infrastructure

Our mission is to make downtime obsolete, to give you and your team your time back - so you can focus on your business.


remote IT support via phone and chat

Your business operations should never have to grind to a halt, and we ensure this by providing support when you need it.


customer satisfaction rate for helpdesk support

We've kept our clients consistently satisfied with our IT helpdesk support services, shows how much we value them.

We empower businesses with proactive IT support...

Staying ahead with robust IT support is not just a necessity; it’s a lifeline for your business. Yet, many find themselves entangled with providers who are more reactive than proactive, facing issues like unresponsive support, inadequate solutions, and a lack of understanding of what businesses truly need.

You deserve a partner that not only addresses these challenges but anticipates them, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption. Enter AllSafe IT, where our mission is to transform your IT challenges into strengths. We understand the frustration of downtime, the complexity of compliance, and the need for a seamless IT strategy that supports your growth.

With our custom solutions, 24/7 support, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is not just a backdrop but a driving force behind your success.

Transform your business with our cybersecurity-focused IT solutions...

We believe in the power of technology to transform businesses. Our approach is centered around understanding your specific needs and crafting strategic IT solutions that propel you forward.

We’ve helped countless clients navigate the complexities of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and strategic planning with our comprehensive suite of services. Our services have been a game-changer for many, offering not just technical expertise but strategic foresight that aligns IT with business goals.

From the heartwarming story of a non-profit we brought back from the brink of a cybersecurity disaster, to the small retail business we helped scale with strategic IT investments, our clients’ successes speak volumes.

Our values

These are the standards we hold ourselves to...

Good character

Integrity and honesty guides all our interactions, ensuring trust and reliability in our IT solutions and among team members.

Perfect client experience

We go above and beyond in our IT services to deliver exceptional, memorable experiences that truly impress and satisfy our clients.

Pursue growth

We embrace continuous learning and improvement to advance our skills, services, and the solutions we provide to our clients.

100% teamwork

Collaborating and leveraging the strengths of
each team member to achieve our common
goal of providing outstanding IT support is key.

Create fun

Fostering a vibrant, positive workplace
where creativity thrives is integral to our
approach in solving IT challenges.

Our team

Meet our amazing
team of experts

Bones Ijeoma


Farzan Amiri

Director of Technical Operations

Angela Penneylane

Office Operations Manager

Cory Kaufman


Haris Ikram

Sr. Project Manager

Raquel Redulla

Client Communications Manager

Taylor Hildenbrand

vCIO & Client Success Manager

Logan McCarthy

Centralized Services Lead

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