November 10, 2022

Can Your Mobile Phone Get Infected with Malware?

Bones Ijeoma

CEO and co-founder

When using a mobile device, you’re holding a small computer in your hand, and it can be susceptible to malicious software just like your laptop or desktop.

Can your mobile phone be infected with malware? It sure can. You’re holding a small computer in your hand, and it can be susceptible to malicious software just like your laptop or desktop. Nuisanceware can be problematic when it is downloaded with other applications. Spyware can lead to stolen data, and one step up is stalkerware, which is often the most unethical and malicious of the spyware varieties.

How Does My Phone Get Malware?

If you notice that your mobile phone is getting unusual messages, has modified settings that you didn’t adjust, or is not running optimally, it may be infected.

App Downloads

Hackers spread malware via apps and downloads to your devices. An easy way to do that is via an app that you download. While official app stores usually ensure legitimacy, there are pirated versions that are easier to manipulate. They can appear legitimate but can contain spyware or other malware.

Phishing Emails

Using your phone to check email is convenient. However, beware of clicking on links that may be fraudulent. Phishing is one of the most widely used ways to attack an unsuspecting user.

Non-Secure WiFi

Be aware of automatic connections to wifi networks. Using a VPN can add an additional layer of protection when it comes to gaining access to your phone.

Text Messages or Voicemails

It can look legitimate, and it may sound legitimate, but do not give out personal information over the phone through a text or in response to a voice message request.

Protecting Your Device

Whether you’re protecting your personal or professional equipment, the same rules apply. Do not purchase a jailbroken device or modify your own equipment. This is especially true if it is issued by your employer for work. Always use a VPN instead of a public network. Download apps and software only from reputable sources. Often there are rules against any modifications if it is a work device. That includes downloads. Use encryption for all sensitive data. Ensure that you have multi-factor authentication enabled when possible.

And above all of the methods that you can engage with when it comes to cybersecurity, training is at the top of the list. Human error is the easiest entry point when it comes to illegally accessing your devices which can lead to network access.

If you believe that your device has been compromised with malware, notify your IT team immediately.

We hope the tips above help you feel safer and more confident about your mobile security. AllSafe IT’s comprehensive cybersecurity services are designed to identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks. We have aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework for the design of our cybersecurity solutions.