December 14, 2020

Best File Sharing Software Platforms For Business In 2020

Bones Ijeoma

CEO and co-founder

Strong files and data on a physical storage space is great, but it creates issues when you try to share the files or collaborate on them in real time

Strong files and data on a physical storage space is great, but it creates issues when you try to share the files or collaborate on them in real time. This is why businesses and enterprises are often looking for file sharing programs that can help them in this regard. There are plenty of free file sharing sites that can prove helpful for file sharing and storage. These sites provide businesses with cloud storage that they can utilize to hold their files and also provides them with a chance to share their files for online collaboration. There are plenty of free online file sharing and storage platforms for you to choose from however, make sure that you select one that is truly reliable in terms of safety and security. We have shared the top five best free file sharing software that we have tried, tested and found extremely helpful in this regard.

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Businesses and companies are heavily dependent on corporate file sharing. Therefore they are always looking for the best file share software for business. The file sharing software should ensure a quick and hassle free file transfer. At the same time, it should be safe as well so one does not have to be concerned about the safety of the files being shared.

In order to ensure effective online file sharing, it is important that you choose the right document sharing applications. The biggest perk of the online file sharing platforms is the fact that they make collaboration quite simple and hassle free. Moreover, since the documents and other data is stored on a cloud based server, you can easily access it from anywhere and it is not restricted to a physical storage location.

If you are looking for a reliable and best file sharing platform, keep reading as we have compiled a list of the top five best file sharing software platforms for businesses in 2020.


If you are looking for a cloud based server for small business, would be a great choice for you. The platform not only allows users to store their files online, but the files can also be protected and shared via a link. Users also have the option of creating customized links for each person you share the file with. The option of access control is also integrated with the file sharing so that you can control whether the other person can view, edit or download the file.

Clients can choose to use the cloud storage or integrate it with other cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox etc. To make the file sharing secure and safe, this online document sharing portal also encrypts the files and protects the transfer using SSH or TLS protocols. All the accounts created on are secured by two factor authentication and the risk of anyone bypassing their strong security protocols is close to zero. is a paid web based file sharing platform. Users can choose between three different subscription packages. The packages differ on the basis of the storage and data limit that the users are offered per month. However, if you want to check out the services of the platform before signing up for the subscription, you can sign up for a free trial and check the service for one month.

2. FileWhopper:

If you do not want to sign up for a long term file sharing service and are looking for a more affordable option in this regard, you should give FileWhopper a try. It is a service that charges the customers on the basis of their usage. The usage and the interface of this best file transfer software for pc is also quite simple which makes it easy to use.

All you need to do is to upload the file that you want to share on the FileWhopper platform. A link will be automatically generated. You can simply share this link with the person with whom you want to share the file. The payment is billed based on the size of the file and the number of files that you upload and share. Therefore, you will be able to cut down on the cost of cloud storage business and pay for only the services that you actually use.

The files uploaded are not stored on the FileWhopper server permanently. Rather, the system is flushed after two weeks and the files uploaded are deleted.

It is important to bear in mind that FileWhopper is a file transfer platform and it does not support live collaboration or file storage. There is no limit on the size of the file that can be uploaded by the user since the billing is based on the use rather than a fixed subscription plan so it does allow a lot of customizability and freedom to the users. You will see the price quote as soon as you start uploading the file so you will be informed about the cost beforehand.

3. Dropbox Business:

If you are looking for a best business file sharing platform, Dropbox Business would be a great option. It is a one stop solution for all your business file storage and file sharing needs. The best feature of this best file sharing software for pc is the easy access. You can access your dropbox files using your laptop, pc and even your mobile phone. Whenever a file is uploaded, edited or removed from Dropbox, it is updated across all devices immediately so you can be sure that you are accessing the latest version of the files.

For the business customers, they have also introduced Dropbox business that allows business files to be stored at one place and everyone in the company can access the files. There is also an option of permission controls that allows business account holders to manage which user can have what extent of access to the files.

Dropbox Business offers a total of six subscription plans. Three are aimed for personal use whereas there are three which are specially designed for enterprise use. These do have a limited storage space. However, if you want to access unlimited storage, you can sign up for the advanced version that does not have any limit on the storage that is available. There is a thirty day trial period that users can sign up for and test the quality of this file transfer service before they go ahead and pay for the dropbox business account pricing.

4. G Suite Google Drive:

G Suit Google Drive is one of the most popular and commonly used best large file transfer channels. It does offer free storage space if you sign up for a personal account. The access of the files stored on the Google Drive is also efficient as you can access the Google Drive files and folders from any device that has the account signed in and has an active internet connection.

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The most prominent feature of the Google Drive file transfer platform that makes it so popular is the fact that it supports live collaboration. You can upload documents or even create presentations, spreadsheets and text documents directly on the drive. You can choose to share it with people and they can either only view, edit or comment on the files based on their permissions. Even a group of people can come together and collaborate on the files. There is no limit to the number of people with whom the files can be shared at a time.

Users are given a total of 15 GB free storage space on the drive. But if you want more storage, you can also sign up for the paid version and increase the storage space. The charges are based on the storage space and not the number or size of files which surely makes it one of the most recommended best cloud storage for photos.

5. OneDrive For Business:

The OneDrive free file host is owned by Microsoft. It allows you to share files with other people in a safe, secure and efficient manner. You can choose to store the files on any device, but as long as they are uploaded to this best free file sharing software you will be able to access it from any device. Any change that is made to the files is automatically synced and therefore the files are updated and you will be able to access the updated files with ease.

You can use Microsoft OneDrive to store files, folders, pictures, videos and any other data that you would like to store or share. In order to share the folder with anyone, all you need to do is to share the link of the folder with the person with whom you want to share the file. If you want to restrict the access to any file, you can use the expiration feature and set a time limit after which the access to the file will expire and the recipient will not be able to access the file.

OneDrive can also be paired with phone scanning apps so that you can scan documents and directly upload them on the storage rather than having to store them on the device first and then upload them on the drive afterwards. OneDrive does offer a couple of price packages depending on the extent of services provided and you can pick one that best suits the needs of your business.